Deep throat: what you need to know about this sexual practice

deep throat

The term deep throat brings us back to pornographic films more quickly than to romanticism and sensuality. Although well executed, this sexual practice can be incredibly pleasant for your partner. What is the deep throat? How is it mentioned in pornographic films? How to practice it correctly and safely? Here are a few tips.

What is the deep throat?

The deep throat means a sexual practice of introducing his penis as far as possible in the throat of his partner during oral sex. He is often advised to train beforehand to avoid choking or vomiting. Ejaculation can be done in the throat or even up to the esophagus. During a perfect blowjob, the glans is stimulated with the tongue and lips, and in the case of the deep throat, it will be with the back of the throat.

This way of stimulating the penis is enjoyable for the man and could cause faster ejaculations, so the throat is hot and tight.

Deep throat in pornography

This practice was made famous by an eponymous pornographic film telling the story of a woman whose clitoris is in the throat and whose only way to experience pleasure was to stimulate her throat by introducing the sex of a man very deeply.

Since this film, the deep throat is often mentioned in pornographic films. She is even described as one of the greatest fantasies of man. Men who are very excited by blowjobs are also very excited by the practice of deep throat. Watching his penis completely eclipse in the mouth of his (or her) partner makes fantasize many men. In the movies showing the practice of deep throats, actresses are on the verge of vomiting and choking, which can cool women whose partner requests it.

How to practice a "deep throat"?

For the person providing this type of blowjob, the pleasure is essentially psychological and not physical. It can even be very unpleasant. It is well understood that this kind of sexual practice must always be performed with the consent of the partner receiving the penis more deeply than usual fellatio. In no case should the man force his partner by pressing his head, unless the latter has expressed the wish before? The psychological pleasure for the recipient is, therefore, to see how much his partner appreciates to be stimulated in this way. For pushing the penis so far into his throat can cause a natural reflex vomiting. It is best to practice a little before deepening your throat and knowing the right techniques to reduce nausea.

Techniques to achieve a "deep throat."

  • Lubricate the penis well with your saliva to facilitate the passage
  • Choose a suitable position: raise your head to align with your neck
  • Open your jaws as much as you can
  • Pull your tongue while lowering the back of your mouth
  • Gently insert the penis at your own pace. Do not hesitate to remove it if you have a gag and may try again after a short break.
  • Once the penis inserted deep in your throat, swallow to stimulate the glans.

The deep throat is therefore far from popular among women because this practice is not necessarily pleasant. It can even be traumatic for a woman who is not used to practice it. It is essential that her partner does not rush a woman as the actresses’ pornographic films can be. If you do not want to perform a deep throat, do not force yourself. This practice must remain a voluntary act and controlled by the person who performs it.